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From Sea To Field: This ongoing project is a multi-layered, bi-lingual language / object-based engagement with tradition and word, with our natural and cultural heritage, in the places where fields, the sea and people interact. My recent work considers material language and those  relationships between land, word, image and object. Imagine standing in an unused field: imagine all the lost conversation and necessary ritual. This project uses seaweed, words and local knowledge related to potato growing to explore ideas of ritual, history and how our fields are shaped. It is about process. It is about remembering, researching and rediscovering aspects of our history and their (in)visibility  in the landscape. It is about having fun.

Materials: potato casts, found materials, seaweed, book-making, photography, audio.

From Sea To Field

Dia dhuit / Hello: A text-based bi-lingual and fun journey into the power of naming and greeting. This interactive work puts words to object and materials encountered during slow attentive walks in Connemara - along boreen, street, coast – paying attention, naming and saying hello: ‘Hello discarded chewing gum; Hello buttercup, cam an ime; Hello Stranger.’  For this work I collected word and object, naming the everyday, and finding the stories behind the words. These words were collected from local people, long conversations about the Irish words that link us to the land.  The words were recorded  both aurally and textually and presented as an audio recording and typewritten onto postcards.  Dia dhuit / Hello: Ag baint sult as turais bunnaithe ar téacs dhátheangacha: ag aimniú, ag beannú, ag ceangail focal leis an ábhair a bhuailaim le agus mise ag siúl le thuiscint ar sráid, ar boithrín, cois fharraige  – tabhair aire, aimnigh, abair hello: Dia dhuit chewing gum caite, Dia dhuit cam-an-ime; crobh préacháin; Dia Dhuit strainséir.’

Hello / Dia Dhuit

Unidentified: A Quintych

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Home: I am from C-------- is

both a physical and textual blueprint created using the phenomena (through collecting, collating and presenting object and language) that create our memories and a sense of place and home -  phenomena from the streets, familiar and changed routes, in the town I grew up in and used to call home and the place I live now and that I call home. Memory and a sense of place are inextricably linked. A town and a time and a place are evoked through object and word collected and those that are casually discarded. (for a PDF of text, contact Aoife)

See Shore Sea